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We are very thankful for our Level UP athletes and their families.  Our success only comes from your incredible support of the Level UP program. 

In my son’s exact words: “Level Up does just that, it brings your skill set a “Level Up”. The Level Upcoaches are not only extremely knowledgeable about basketball, they are passionate about it! This passion resinates in the valuable skills that are demonstrated and taught. The kids also realize the amazing benefits of teamwork through the spirited practices and exciting gamess

Cheryln Marks


The Level-Up coaching staff uses a positive and respectful team-coaching approach, which benefits
each team player. The coaches have a strong knowledge of the game, and focus on basic and advanced fundamentals of basketball. The team coaching approach allows each coach to bring their unique perspective and strengths to every practice and game. Solid defense, effective offense, and a team approach to basketball is emphasized by the Level-Up coaching staff. Level-Up has been a great experience for our children!!


Dave & Renee Eckmann


Our son has been working with the Coach Matt and Steve for several years. They have helped develop his basketball skill set with their disciplined attention to details and fundamentals. The philosophy of positive reinforcement and accountability has fostered a mutual respect. The coaching staff’s dedication and hard work is contagious. As parents, we naturally want what is best for our children. It has been exciting and rewarding to watch our son grow as a basketball player. To us, it has been equally as important to see our son and his teammates learn important life lessons (hard work, accountability and dedication) from these role models both on the court and off.

Mike Reeg


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